The Papers of Tony Veitch

No wonder he loved it. It danced among its own debris. When Glasgow gave up, the world could call it a day
The Papers of Tony Veitch by William McIlvanney (eBook ISBN 9780857869982) book cover

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The godfather of Scottish crime is back with a vengeance

Eck Adamson, an alcoholic vagrant, summons Jack Laidlaw to his deathbed. Probably the only policeman in Glasgow who would bother to respond, Laidlaw sees in Eck’s cryptic last message a clue to the murder of a gangland thug and the disappearance of a student. With stubborn integrity, Laidlaw tracks a seam of corruption that runs from the top to the bottom of society.

Val Mcdermid

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“Brilliant … grips like a mangling handshake”
sunday Times

“The good news is that Laidlaw is back”

“A crime trilogy so searing it will burn forever into your memory. McIlvanney is the original Scottish criminal mastermind”
Christopher Brookmyre

“The Laidlaw books are not just great crime novels, they are important”
Mark Billingham

William McIlvanney’s first novel, Remedy is None, won the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize and with Docherty he won the Whitbread Award for Fiction. Laidlaw and The Papers of Tony Veitch both gained Silver Daggers from the Crime Writers’ Association, while the third in the Laidlaw trilogy, Strange Loyalties, won the Glasgow Herald’s People’s Prize. He died in December 2015.

The Papers of Tony Veitch is the second book in the Laidlaw Trilogy.