William McIlvanney

I don’t like questions. They invent the answers. The real answers are discovered, before you even know what the question is
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In the beginning there was Laidlaw. The CWA Silver Dagger-winning masterpiece that launched a genre, from the godfather of Scottish crime fiction

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‘If you only read one crime novel this year, this should be it’ Guardian
‘A bloody good read’ Val McDermid

When a young woman is found brutally murdered in Kelvingrove Park, only one man stands a chance of finding her killer. Jack Laidlaw. He is a man of contrasts, ravaged by inner demons but driven by a deep compassion for the violent criminals in Glasgow’s underworld. But will Laidlaw’s unorthodox methods get him to the killer in time, when the victim’s father is baying for blood?

Acclaimed for its corrosive wit, dark themes and original maverick detective, the Laidlaw trilogy has earned the status of classic crime fiction.

“He kicked the door open so the likes of Ian Rankin, Denise Mina and me could sneak through behind him”
Val Mcdermid

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“The pure distilled essence of Scottish crime writing”
Peter May

“Fastest, first and best, Laidlaw is the melancholy heir to Marlowe. Reads like a breathless scalpel cut through the bloody heart of a city”
Denise Mina

“It’s doubtful I would be a crime writer without the influence of McIlvanney’s Laidlaw
Ian Rankin

“Forensic examination would likely reveal that all Scottish crime novels have a little Laidlaw in their DNA … Powerful, gripping and beautifully written”
Craig Robertson
guardian, Top 10 Scottish Crime Novels

William McIlvanney

William McIlvanney is the author of the award-winning Laidlaw trilogy, featuring Glasgow’s original maverick detective. Both Laidlaw and The Papers of Tony Veitch gained Silver Daggers from the Crime Writers’ Association, while the third in the series, Strange Loyalties, won the Glasgow Herald’s People’s Prize. He died in December 2015.

Laidlaw is the first book in the Laidlaw Trilogy.