Now And Then

Gil Scott-Heron

Now And Then by Gil Scott-Heron (Paperback ISBN 9781786897831) book cover

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‘A poet and polemicist whose lyrics have inspired and galvanised generations’ GQ. Introduced by Kae Tempest

Now And Then is not merely a collection of a songwriter’s lyrics; the song-poems of this undisputed ‘bluesologist’ triumphantly stand on their own, evoking the rhythm and urgency which have distinguished Gil Scott-Heron’s career.

This collection of poems carries the reader from the global topics of political hypocrisy and the dangers posed by capitalist culture to painfully personal themes and the realities of everyday life. His message is black, political, historically accurate, urgent, uncompromising and mature and as relevant now as ever.

“Some of the funniest and most literate lyrics in all music … From deadpan attacks on racism to withering sarcasm about the Great Society; from Chomskian rants to parodies of media shallowness - every line comes coated in a sardonically witty turn of phrase”
time Out

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“Accessible, intelligent, rhythmic writing which makes poetry seem worthwhile again”
the List

”Praise for Gil Scott-Heron: Engaging and immensely human … Much like his poetry, Scott-Heron’s style is spare and effective, offering up jagged observations on fame, friendship and political and racial injustice”
independent On Sunday

“Scott-Heron is such a fine writer … As readers and fans alike, we are left to mourn the passing of surely, the least likely pop star ever, one with a truly brilliant mind”
sunday Times

“Gil Scott-Heron is timeless”
new York Times

Gil Scott-Heron

Gil Scott-Heron was born in Chicago in 1949. A highly influential and widely admired singer, proto-rapper, jazz pianist, poet, novelist and socio-political commentator, Scott-Heron was a unique and major figure in global music. With over fifteen albums to his name, his politically charged output won him an international following. His work illuminates a philosophy of life that held human affection as well as political and artistic responsibility as the underlying factors that inspired his writing. Gil Scott-Heron spent more than thirty years opening eyes, minds and souls. He died in 2011.