Patience Agbabi

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They call me Jax, though my real name’s Eva
The whole of the Jackson Five rolled into one serious diva
No.1 on the guest list, top of the charts
When I make my grand entrance, the sea of sequins parts…

“Agbabi’s lyrics are sweet and precise, her desire fierce…A transformer indeed”
the List

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“combining cutting satire and outright celebration.”
the Big Issue

“A testament to the elastic nature of the poetic form. Her poems draw on rap, jive and disco rhythms as much as the formal subtleties of free verse. Her identity is equally protean: she manages convincingly to embody a drag queen, a jealous husband, an East End wide-boy, a lesbian who is coming of age and a poetry tutor. The effect is a small kind of cultural ‘payback’ - surely if we cannot locate the ‘real’ her, we cannot pigeonhole her. Agbabi is a fine poet, and her linguistic wit carries satirical fire.”
daily Telegraph

“A rising star”
the Observer

Patience Agbabi

Patience Agbabi was born in London in 1965 and educated at Oxford and Sussex
Universities. Renowned for her live performances, her poems have been
broadcast on television and radio all over the world. Her work has also
appeared on the London Underground and human skin. She has lectured in
Creative Writing at several UK universities including Greenwich,
Cardiff and Kent. In 2004 she was nominated one of the UK’s Next
Generation Poets. Bloodshot Monochrome is her third poetry collection; Canongate also publishes Transformatrix. She lives in Kent with her partner and two children.