Things That Are

Encounters with Plants, Stars and Animals

Amy Leach

Things That Are by Amy Leach (Paperback ISBN 9781786893550) book cover

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A highly irresistible debut that celebrates the universe in all its wondrous glory

This is a book about the universe which begins with swimming salmon and ends with the starry sky. From the tiniest Earth dwellers to far-flung celestial bodies – considering everything from the similarity of gods to donkeys, to exploding stars and exploding sea cucumbers – Amy Leach rekindles our communion with the world. This stunning debut will leave you with a deeper understanding of the universe and a greater sense of the magic that surrounds us.

“This book is a thing of wonder. Amy Leach has found delight in the details of the world, and taken exuberant pleasure in putting that delight into the most unexpected words. Each paragraph carries phrases to underline and read aloud; each page offers another way of seeing the world anew. A sheer delight”
Jon Mcgregor

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“No amount of viewings of Planet Earth will prepare you for Leach’s vision or her style, her tumultuous, incantatory rejoicing in the astonishing multiplicity of the Earth… Buy this book for everyone you know”
Olivia Laing

“Like a descendant of Lewis Carroll and Emily Dickinson, Amy Leach brings new meaning to the world without us, and within. A reader entering this book to learn more about the universe will exit knowing much more about her own self. At once large and intimate, [Things That Are] introduces one of the most exciting and original writers in America”
Yiyun Li, Author Of Gold Boy, Emerald Girl And The Vagrants

Things That Are is a joy. Every sentence is a surprise, bursting open like little pop-rocks”
Brian Eno

“The 26 pieces here are short, pithy, and packed with information delivered in poetic but precise language. It is rich fare. Don’t read too much in one sitting. These are the gold flakes you scatter on the rice dish of your everyday reading”
Julian Gough

Amy Leach

Amy Leach grew up in Texas. She holds an MFA in creative nonfiction from the University of Iowa, and her work has appeared in numerous literary journals and reviews. She has been recognised with the Whiting Writers’ Award and a Rona Jaffe Foundation Award. She lives in Montana.

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