The Scottish Enlightenment

An Anthology

Edited by Alexander Broadie

The Scottish Enlightenment by Alexander Broadie (eBook ISBN 9781847675736) book cover

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Edited and Introduced by Alexander Broadie

The Scottish Enlightenment is one of the great achievements of European culture. In philosophy, law, economics, politics, linguistics and the physical sciences, Scots were key players in changing the way the world was viewed. And this explosion of activity still reverberates. It was the age of David Hume, Thomas Reid and Adam Smith, of Adam Ferguson, James Hutton and Sir John Sinclair. In his authoritative introduction, Alexander Broadie emphasises not only the diversity of intellectual discussion taking place in this small country located on the outer edge of Europe, but also the European dimension of this Scottish movement.

After the general introduction, the anthology is arranged thematically - Human Nature, Ethics, Aesthetics, Religion, Economics, Social Theory and Politics, Law, Historiography, Language and Science. These sections gather together well-known and lesser-known writings of the time. Much of the material has not been reprinted since the 18th century. Those with an interest in the Scottish cultural tradition will find many things to hold their attention in this unique book.

“Provides generous extracts from key works and masterly brief introductions.”

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“A major contribution to our literature and intellectual resources and I do not think it could be better done … For many people this book will become a companion for years or even a lifetime.”