Highland River

Neil M. Gunn

When the waves faded out on the far side of the stream, Kenn felt the great silence that lay upon the world and stood in the midst of it trembling like a hunted hare.
Highland River by Neil M. Gunn (Paperback ISBN 9781782118848) book cover

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A dark and uplifting modern classic of Scottish literature. Introduced by Diarmid Gunn

Kenn returns to the Highlands of his youth, back to the river which has haunted his dreams since boyhood. Determined to walk all the way back to its source, Kenn embarks on a journey that will lead him deep into the wilderness of his own heart.

Profound and moving, Highland River is a stirring tale of what is lost and what endures, and the unexpected ways we can be renewed.

“A novel of unusual distinction”
irish Independent

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“The novel should take its place in the canon of High Modernist literature, along with the likes of Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse, Katherine Mansfield’s Prelude and D.H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers … Wonderful … An example of nature writing, memoir, biography, history, a how-to manual for budding fishermen, and a reflective essay about the making of literature itself

“This book must be read as one would listen to music … scenes are projected with a crystal clarity, sharply defined, with an odd double quality of intense immediacy and a sort of enclosed detachment”
times Literary Supplement

“Has a deep and moving appeal”
evening Standard

“One of Gunn’s finest works”
James Robertson
scottish Review Of Books

Neil M. Gunn

Neil M. Gunn (1891–1973), was born in Dunbeath, Caithness. The author of over twenty-seven books, he worked tirelessly as an essayist and broadcaster until his death in 1973. The Neil Gunn International Fellowship has been established in his honour.

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