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An enthralling novel about one of the finest commanders in military history - the man who defeated Hannibal

Yes, we have achieved much. Have we destroyed even more?
In the name of Rome, Scipio Africanus systematically destroyed the hard-won empires of Hannibal and Alexander the Great. With breathtaking battle scenes and a tale of violent passions, Scipio is a stunning sequel to Hannibal, Ross Leckie’s acclaimed bestselling historical novel. This inspired narrative reveals the aristocrat, general, politician, and aesthete behind the Roman triumph to bring us a novel of love and betrayal, about a genius who discovers he is only a man.

“Masterful…even better than Hannibal.”
allan Massie

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“Leckie brings the battle-tactics and manoeuvres almost cinematically alive and the sense of blood and sweat, chaos and horror linger powerfully on … utterly gripping.”

“A fine achievement, a thoughtful and stylish piece of historical fiction.”
daily Telegraph

“Brightly evocative … it is an erudite and immensely human story of fate, family and friendship from within a warped civilisation to which, like it or not, we owe much today.”
the List

“By turns lucid, enlightening and thrilling, this is the historical novel at its best.”
the Historical Novel Society

Ross Leckie

Ross Leckie is the author of the acclaimed trilogy of historical novels, Hannibal, Scipio and Carthage, all of which are being reissued by Canongate.