Everyone Loves You When You're Dead

(And Other Things I Learned From Famous People)

Neil Strauss

Most of the time I was waiting for just one moment of truth or authenticity. After all, you can tell a lot about a person or a situation in a minute. But only if you choose the right minute
Everyone Loves You When You're Dead by Neil Strauss (Paperback ISBN 9780857862877) book cover

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From the bestselling author of THE GAME

You can tell a lot about someone in a minute. If you choose the right minute.

Join Neil Strauss as he:

- Makes Lady Gaga cry
- Tries to keep Mötley Crüe out of jail
- Gets kidnapped by Courtney Love
- Goes to church with Tom Cruise
- Buys nappies with Snoop Dogg
- And tucks Christina Aguilera into bed

“Strauss is a deft narrator and expert inquisitor. He cuts out the flowery descriptors and gumpf that comes with interviewing a star…and strips it back to the revealing nitty-gritty, absurd and amusing exchanges we all wish we could be privy to. … The perfect book to dip into.”
Kim Taylor Bennett
time Out

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“Strauss becomes confessor, accomplice, champion and prosecutor. One minute he’s discussing feminism with Lady Gaga. Next, he’s taking part in the Ho’lympics at the home of rapper Ludacris.”
Colin Waters
sunday Herald

“Fantastically entertaining.”
sunday Times

“Strauss is genuinely trying to shake down celebrity for the small change of wisdom. … Strauss can be an imaginative and sympathetic interviewer and packaged up alongside his A-list interviews are encounters with unsung heroes.”

“One of the most intuitive interviewers and portraiture artists on the Rolling Stone/NY Times payroll … Addictive.”
Peter Murphy
hot Press

Neil Strauss

Neil Strauss is the author of the international bestsellers THE GAME, RULES OF THE GAME and EMERGENCY. He is also the co-author of three New York Times bestsellers - Jenna Jameson’s HOW TO MAKE LOVE LIKE A PORN STAR, Mötley Crüe’s THE DIRT and Marilyn Manson’s THE LONG HARD ROAD OUT OF HELL - as well as Dave Navarro’s DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME, a Los Angeles Times bestseller. A writer for Rolling Stone, Strauss lives in Los Angeles.