Simon's Cat 3

In Kitten Chaos

Simon Tofield

Simon's Cat 3 by Simon Tofield (Hardback ISBN 9780857860781) book cover

Available as Hardback

A brilliant new addition to the Simon’s Cat series.

Like all great cartoon creations, from Peanuts to Asterix, from Garfield to Tintin, Simon’s Cat has continued to evolve by introducing new characters and developing new storylines. After the runaway success of the original book, Simon Tofield returned with the further adventures of his feline ‘beyond the fence’.

Now we welcome a cuddly new addition to the family in the form of Simon’s Kitten. It’s an adorable and hilarious new chapter which is sure to delight Simon’s millions of fans.

“What sets Tofield’s cartoons apart are the truly comic moments of pure cat-ness: the merciless patting at a half-dead fly, the single minded determination, that weird little dance thing that segues seamlessly into a look of utter boredom.”
irish Times

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Simon Tofield

Simon Tofield is an award-winning animator and cartoonist. He has had a lifelong interest in animals, beginning as a child, when his uncle gave him a plastic pond which quickly filled with wildlife. Simon was given his first cat when he was nine and now has four rescue cats, who are the mischievous inspiration for his work.

Simon Tofield walks us through how to draw the kitten from Simon’s Cat: in Kitten Chaos