By Blood We Live (The Last Werewolf 3)

Glen Duncan

By Blood We Live (The Last Werewolf 3) by Glen Duncan (Paperback ISBN 9781847679512) book cover

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‘Duncan is the cleverest literary horror merchant since Bram Stoker’ The Times


Remshi is the oldest vampire in existence. He is searching for the werewolf named Talulla, whom he believes is the reincarnation of his long lost - and only - love. But he is not the only one seeking Talulla. Hunted by the Militi Christi, a religious order hell-bent on wiping out werewolves and vampires alike, Remshi and Talulla must join forces to protect their families, fulfil an ancient prophecy and save both their lives.

“Praise for THE LAST WEREWOLF trilogy: The cleverest literary horror merchant since Bram Stoker”
the Times

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“A sexy, blood-spattered page-turner”
nick Cave

“Like an updated version of Dracula, only for werewolves, and as rewritten by Bret Easton Ellis”

“Sexy, funny, blisteringly intelligent”
the Times

“Loaded with beautifully constructed lunatic ravings … A sublime study in literary elegance. It is bloody (and) brilliant”
independent On Sunday

Glen Duncan

GLEN DUNCAN was born in Bolton in 1965 and studied philosophy and literature at Lancaster University. His first novel, Hope, was published in 1997, and has been followed by several further novels including Love Remains; I, Lucifer, shortlisted for the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize; Weathercock; Death of an Ordinary Man; The Bloodstone Papers; and A Day and A Night and A Day. By Blood We Live is the final instalment in The Last Werewolf trilogy which began with The Last Werewolf and was continued in Talulla Rising. Duncan lives in London.