The Mighty Book of Boosh

Julian Barratt & Noel Fielding

The Mighty Book of Boosh by Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding (Hardback ISBN 9781847673220) book cover

Available as Hardback

Come with us now on a journey through time and space…

Join Howard Moon, Vince Noir, Naboo, Bollo, Bob Fossil, Old Gregg, the Moon, and all your other favourite characters on a unique journey in to the world of The Mighty Boosh.

Content includes:
*An extract from Howard’s jazz detective novel Trumpet Full of Memories
*Vince’s Christmas Toy story
*Bollo’s letters to Peter Jackson
*Bob Fossil’s postcards from ‘Nam
*A new Charlie story
*Ol’ Gregg’s watercolours
*Naboo’s guide to black magic
*Dixon Bainbridge’s Turkish Challenge
*Crimp lyrics

Incredibly funny, visually dynamic, surreal, musical, wildly creative… The Mighty Boosh is unlike anything else on British television, and this beautifully illustrated humour book is utterly unique.

“If Salvador Dali, Dr Seuss and Douglas Adams had ever cracked open a bottle of absinthe and written a sitcom, it might have turned out like this.”
radio Times

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“If there had ever been a collaboration between David Bowie, Anthony Burgess and Maurice Sendak, author of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, it might have turned out something like this.”

“Morecambe and Wise reinvented by Lewis Carroll”

“Charming, audacious and genuinely innovative”
the Times

“A double act for the new millennium”
time Out

Julian Barratt & Noel Fielding

Fielding and Barratt conceived of THE MIGHTY BOOSH whilst working on Stewart Lee’s Edinburgh show KING DONG vs. MOBY DICK in which they played a giant penis and a whale respectively. Barrett and Fielding took THE MIGHTY BOOSH to the Edinburgh Festival in 1998, and won the Perrier Award for Best Newcomer. They followed this triumph with two further shows at the festival, ARCTIC BOOSH in 1999, and AUTOBOOSH in 2000, before being commissioned to write a radio series for BBC Radio 4. THE MIGHTY BOOSH made the transition from radio to television in 2004, when an eight part television series - also called THE MIGHTY BOOSH - was commissioned by the BBC. Series One was broadcast to critical acclaim in 2004, Series Two followed in 2005, and Series Three aired in 2007.