Bobby Gold by Anthony Bourdain (Paperback ISBN 9781786895172) book cover

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From the bestselling author of Kitchen Confidential

Ten slices from the life of Bobby Gold: by night, the security chief of a mobbed-up New York City nightclub, by day, a reluctant bonebreaker and enforcer for Eddie Fish - his old college roommate, and best friend.
Emerging from the ‘gladiator school’ environment of an upstate prison with an imposing physique and a reputation for skilled brutality, Bobby’s a lonely, guilt-ridden child inside a hulking body. He views the grim work of coercion, assault and even murder as jobs to be done with a craftsman’s work ethic and with a minimum of force. However, the technician’s pride in a job done well is failing him, his friend and protector Eddie is getting flakier and flakier and worst of all, he’s falling in love with Nicole, a reckless and self-destructive female line-cook who”s been around the block a few times.

Following on from his two superb novels, Bone in the Throat and Gone Bamboo, Anthony Bourdain has produced another stunning book of crime fiction.

“[Full of] the same explosive energy and irreverent humor in Kitchen Confidential … Readers will once again be delighted by Bourdain’s charming, rugged sensibility, like a modern-day Damon Runyon, and his gourmet blend of wit, suspense and style”
publishers Weekly

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”Praise for Gone Bamboo: Gangster fiction to feast on”

“Reads like Carl Hiaasen on holiday with Elmore Leonard and goes out with a bang like a tequila slammer”
the Times

“Bourdain’s dialogue-driven action proves completely absorbing … Like a good meal, the memory of Gone Bamboo will linger on”
the List

“A slick, very funny, brilliantly written crime thriller, very much in the style of the superb Carl Hiassen, Gone Bamboo is one of the essential reads of the year”

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain was a world-renowned chef, travelling the world for his Emmy Award-winning series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. He was the bestselling author of Kitchen Confidential. His fiction titles include Bone in the Throat and Bobby Gold. He died on 8 June 2018.