For Richer, For Poorer

A Love Affair with Poker

Victoria Coren

Within an hour I am not just playing poker, I’m debating poker, arguing about poker, laughing about poker, inhaling poker. I even win some money
For Richer, For Poorer by Victoria Coren (Paperback ISBN 9781847672933) book cover

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The confessions of a player…

Miserable at an elegant day school for girls, Victoria Coren finds an escape in the mysterious world of poker. Twenty years later, she has won a million dollars and forgotten to have children. What price adventure? This is a true story of happiness and heartbreak, smoke and mirrors, bright lights and shady characters. It is a memoir of friendship and belonging, love and loss. It might also teach you how to win a million …

“A book so rich in detail, so full of laughter, that you feel as if the coolest member of your family has just let you in on a secret so delicious you will savour it for ever”
the Times

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“Vivid … Unflinchingly honest … A compulsive read which may well leave you reaching for a pack of cards”


“Fresh, funny and moving. Coren writes insightfully about love, obsession, depression and illness - and poker, obviously. This is a wonderful book, worthy of comparison with the best”
literary Review

“[An] honest, funny, highly personal and nostalgic memoir about friendship and belonging”
financial Times

Victoria Coren

Victoria Coren is a writer, broadcaster and poker player from London. She writes a topical column in The Observer, and this is her third book. She has presented Late Night Poker and The Poker Nations Cup on Channel 4 and series of general interest on BBC2, BBC Four and BBC Radio 4. Coren is a member of Team PokerStars Pro, with lifetime winnings of $1.5 million.