The Bird Room

Chris Killen

The Bird Room by Chris Killen (eBook ISBN 9781847674517) book cover

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A critically acclaimed, dark comedy from a young, hip, boundary-breaking author

Alice is at work. Alice thinks I’m at work. I’m not at work.
I’m trying to guess the password to her email account …

When Will meets Alice, he can’t believe his luck. She’s smart, sexy and, much to Will’s surprise, in love with him. Alice brings meaning to his urban existence. But true love never came easy and soon devotion leads Will to something darker. The Bird Room is a candid, funny and joyous portrait of love and desire in the modern age.

“Those who seek something unique in the contemporary British novel will delight in this adroit, snappy debut, a dark and beguiling meditation on the weight of being … A novel so fresh it practically pings with energy … Fizzes with deadpan wit and cutting one-liners.”

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“The Bird Room is a hall of mirrors…sparely written, cool, jaunty, darkly comic, with a sharp ear for voice and manner…it displays exuberant brio.”

“Killen creates a cast of unlikeable and morally dubious characters yet still makes his book compelling. There are also flashes of linguistic brilliance which suggest greater things to come from the 27-year-old writer.”
financial Times

“A darkly stylish comedy of sexual manners…Killen evokes a grimy world of sexual tension with unerring, uncomfortable accuracy…Much of The Bird Room’s appeal is down to Killen’s taut, sharp prose style - not flashy but alternately laconic, melancholy and dryly witty - that gives an edgy, sometimes creepy and very contemporary sense of beauty to the everyday and the banal.”

“The Bird Room is an astonishingly good first novel. I was gripped from the first page.”

Chris Killen

Chris Killen was born in 1981. He currently lives in Manchester. The Bird Room is his first novel.