A Brief Career in the Cocaine Trade

Robert Sabbag

Snowblind by Robert Sabbag (Paperback ISBN 9781782118800) book cover

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A true crime cult classic that lifts the lid on the dazzle and menace of the cocaine trade

Zachary Swan: world-class smuggler of the finest cocaine, wicked genius, first-class fool. In his brief and brilliant career as a founding father of the trade, Swan serves the world’s most elegant clientele by the most inelegant means, always staying just one step ahead.

Robert Sabbag’s rip-roaring modern classic of reporting follows Zachary from the streets of Bogotá to the nightclubs of New York, charting the soaring high and the crashing comedown of a legend.

“Sabbag is an incisive reporter and a stylish class-A writer”
the Times

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“A flat-out ballbuster. It moves like a threshing machine with a fuel tank of ether”
hunter S. Thompson

“One of the first books about the cocaine trade and it is still among the best”
norman Mailer

“An extremely rare cut of dry wit, poetry, rock-hard fact and relentless insight into modern American morality”
rolling Stone

“The scammer’s bible … Snowblind has stood the test of time. It’s still the best”
howard Marks

Robert Sabbag

Robert Sabbag is the bestselling author of the drug-smuggling classics Snowblind and Smokescreen, and the definitive book on the U.S. Marshals, Too Tough to Die. His journalism appears in numerous magazines, among them Rolling Stone, to which he is a regular contributor. Witness Protection, based on his New York Times Magazine cover story, ‘The Invisible Family’, was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards, including Best Picture.

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