Charles Bukowski

Are you becoming what you’ve always hated?
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Charles Bukowski lays bare Hollywood, revealing the absurdity and egotism behind the glamour

‘What will you do?’
‘Oh, hell, I’ll write a novel about writing the screenplay and making the movie.’
‘What are you going to call it?’

Henry Chinaski has a penchant for booze, women and horse-racing. On his precarious journey from poet to screenwriter he encounters a host of well-known stars and lays bare the absurdity and egotism of the film industry. Poetic, sharp and dangerous, Hollywood – Bukowski’s fictionalisation of his experiences making the film Barfly – explores the many dark shadows to be found in the neon-soaked glare of Hollywood’s limelight.

“No other book gets as close to the corrupt heart of American movie-making”

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“A literary immortal”

“Bukowski’s voice is insistent and affirming but it also has the humble durability of someone who won’t stay down … His stories help keep people alive”

“A laureate of American low life”

“Full of entertaining vignettes of celebrities”
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Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski was the legendary Californian writer who became famous for his semi-autobiographical books about low-life America. Novels such as Factotum and Post Office made this one-time bum, and lifelong alcoholic, rich and famous, and culminated in the making of Barfly, a major Hollywood movie based on his life starring Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway. He died in March 1994.

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