We’ve got a new website! Which you know, because you've made the excellent decision to visit it.

The site was built in partnership with design studio Human After All, the design agency behind the sites of Everyman Cinemas and Royal Museums Greenwich. They’ve worked with Facebook, BAFTA and Girl Effect and also publish the global issues and culture magazine Weapons of Reason.

We want the site to be a place for us to share our excitement for all the remarkable books we publish and authors we work with. Have a nosey around. Learn more about us, explore some collections of our books, check in on your favourite author. (And then maybe go to your local bookshop or preferred internet retailer and buy some of their work.)

Big news like this deserves a CEO quote!

Canongate CEO Jamie Byng said, “It’s now twenty-five years since I started working at Canongate, and I’ve never felt prouder of our list and the exceptional authors we represent. This new site is an attempt to do them justice.”

And it’s not just the site that’s getting a new look: Jamie is too. He’s cutting his flowing locks, and the more money he raises for The Howard League for Penal Reform, the more drastic the haircut, so please go and donate if you can.