Jamie gets a new look

Yes, we have a shiny new website. But it’s not just Canongate that’s getting a new look. Our CEO Jamie Byng has committed to getting one too.

The more money he raises for The Howard League for Penal Reform, the more drastic a haircut he’ll be getting, so please donate – it’s a really worthwhile cause.

The work that The Howard League for Penal Reform does is unsung, unglamorous but extremely important. The more I learn about the different ways in which Frances Crook and her team are making a meaningful difference to the lives of people in prison and, as crucially, helping former inmates adjust to life on the outside, the more I appreciate the incalculable value of what this remarkable charity does. I could not be happier about supporting the Howard League with our website relaunch and hope that by agreeing to chop my locks we can raise lots of money to support their vital, wide-ranging activities.

Jamie Byng, CEO, Canongate

Please take wallet in hand and with an open heart make your way to the Justgiving page. And spread the word!