Creating Freedom (for free)

Recently, we made an ebook available for free. Called Empathy by Raoul Martinez, it was a section of Raoul’s extraordinary, provocative manifesto Creating Freedom and the reason for giving it away was that it seemed particularly important and timely, and we wanted as many people as possible to read it. Not much of politics at the moment seems driven by empathy, and we wanted to share Raoul’s compelling and thoughtful work. Raoul was keen too, and an advantage of being an independent publisher is you can do things like that, so we did.

With the general election hoving into view in the UK, like, say, a plague ship on a particularly unappealing sea, we’ve decided that what we’d really like is for people to be reading the whole of Creating Freedom, because there’s a huge amount in it that’s important and relevant right now. It will change how you think about elections, and the justice system, and the media, and again we’re really keen to get as many people as possible to read it (and again, Raoul was on board too).

So from now until the election, we’ve made the Creating Freedom ebook entirely free!

Get it now through Amazon, Kobo and iBooks.

(We’re not the only people excited, either:)

My book of the year, the stunning Creating Freedom by Raoul Martinez, now in paperback or for FREE ebook download!

— Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) 18 May 2017

Raoul Martinez’s urgent & outstanding book Creating Freedom is out now in paperback. Download the ebook for free at

— Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) May 18, 2017

Raoul Martinez’s important book 'Creating Freedom' is out in paperback today. Download the ebook for free at

— David Eagleman (@davideagleman) May 18, 2017