Ian Macpherson

Ian Macpherson (1905-1944), was born in Forres and educated at Newtonmore, Laurencekirk and Mackie Academy, Stonehaven. He graduated from Aberdeen University in 1928 with a first class honours degree in English. He spent the next two years writing his first novel Shepherd’s Calendar which was published in 1931. The book, which has been compared t Grassic Gibbon’s Sunset Song, draws on his own rural background to tell of a young man’s growth to maturity in a farming community dominated by hard toil and the influence of the seasons.
Macpherson continued to live in his native north east, working at farming, broadcasting and writing. In the next five years he produced three further novels, including Land of our Fathers (1933), and Pride in the Valley (1936), which are set in Speyside. His last book, Wild Harbour (1936) is also set in the Highlands but it tells the story of a world destroyed by a future war, forebodings of which were already discernable in Europe.
Ian Macpherson died in a motorcycle accident in 1944.