Glasgow Girls

Jude Burkhauser

Glasgow Girls by Jude Burkhauser (Paperback ISBN 9781841951515) book cover

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This is an essential art book, which looks at ‘The Glasgow Style’ from a female perspective

At the turn of the 20th century, Glasgow was the centre for an avant-garde movement of art and design innovation in Europe, which we now refer to as The Glasgow Style. While the “Glasgow Boys” group of painters has been widely written about, their female contemporaries have received far less attention. In this work, the editor redresses this imbalance, bringing together research from 18 scholars on the work of an astonishing number of female artists from this period.

“Glasgow Girls is likely to remain the last word on Glaswegian Art Nouveau for many years to come - the standard reference book on Glaswegian women artists of the period,”
the Sunday Times

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“”The Book is a substantial, beautifully illustrated and fascinating document which does justice to its subject and will, one hopes, make it impossible for future curators and historians to ignore the obvious”“
the Scotsman

“The wealth of work shown here is remarkable”
the Artist

“…A brilliant book…which brings together for the first time original research by twenty scholars from Britain and North America”
arts Review

Jude Burkhauser

Jude Burkhauser worked as a freelance artist, designer and researcher. Her work has been exhibited widely in the US and Britain. Glasgow Girls was the culmination of three years of work in re-discovering Glasgow’s all-but-forgotten women artists.