Permission Requests

Here are our guidelines for ‘fair dealing’ cases, where you don’t have to ask for permission to quote from a Canongate title (based on advice from the Society of Authors):

‘Fair dealing’ covers extracts in reviews and criticism of up to 400 words of a prose work (or a series of extracts to a total of 800 words), or 40 lines of poetry (or a quarter of the poem, whichever is less).

If your use is not covered by fair dealing, then please fill in our below. Please note:

  • Our turnaround time is about six weeks, but can be longer for complicated requests, or where we have to get approval from authors or estates.

  • In most cases there will be a fee due, though we try to consider the circumstances of the person or organisation making the request. Our minimum fee for use of a limited amount of material is £60 excluding VAT.

  • We draft our own letters formally granting permissions and issue our own invoices.

  • We are not able to issue double taxation relief forms in cases of payment from foreign bank accounts—the tax must be accounted for on the seeker’s side and the payment made in full.

Please provide the following details regarding the request

If you are requesting permission to quote an extract for a non-print medium, please fill in the details to the best of your ability and describe the project in full in the additional information section. If you have any other questions please contact