The Fifth Clue

I see I've got my work cut out for me with you, you're as bright as a button! Fine then, let's see what you make of this Multi-Part Question.


A. Name the first obsession chronicled in Thom Yorke & Stanley Donwood’s full-colour celebration of the process and artwork created for the Radiohead albums Kid A and Amnesiac

B. Jarred McGinnis explains in his interview with Monocle that he knew he’d be conflated with his debut novel’s character. But he specifically didn’t want to have a degree of what concerning them?

C. Samin Nosrat’s lifechanging Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat will change the way you think about cooking permanently. One of the illustrations in the book looks at the power of which flaky delicious food?

D. What was the name of the prize Alan Park’s new April thriller was shortlisted for?

You'll need to take the first letter of each answer and create your own link to the next clue (letters in lowercase please!). Add the letters to _ _ _ to continue!

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